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About Us

Synpatic is a team of professional Mathematicians and Software Developers, working both in Chile and Belarus,
enriched with business expertize of team members in Commerce and Management.

We develop Audio Analysis technology for automatic prediction of Call Center quality metrics

Our metrics are based on emotions detection of both client and agent during phone call. In other words, our software measures the empathy level of Call Center agent, as well as satisfaction level of Call Center's customer.

We propose our clients integration of this technology and analysis of results of its work. Currently Chile is the main geographical market of Synpatic.

  • We use features extraction algorithms (Digital Signal Processing) in combination with Machine Learning engines to build classifiers of emotions,
  • Then, we convert information about emotions into corresponding Call Center metrics.

We deliver our technology as a cloud API service that allows companies to integrate it easily into their exisitng call center software. For supervisors and managers we provide reporting that will help them track the quality of customer service. For service agents it provides actionable data about the mood of customers to make the best decisions during the call.

Product Featuress

Real Time

Your data is being processed immediately.

Machine Learning

The more data you process, the more precise is the result.

Structured Reports

Access performance reports for managers and supervisors in just few clicks.

Easy Integration

We help our client to integrate the system and perform first few audits of the system use.

Example of reports

You can freely set up how report will look like.

Our reports can include various rankings, graphs, performance charts, comparisson by time ranges and much more.

Flexibly adjust your report template in our interface.

Save supervisor's time for creation of agents' performance reports

After integration, the process becomes automatic. You will receive reports according to schedule or on demand.

Our software will point the major problems in performance and quality of Call Center.

You can flexibly adjust frequency of reports to be received, add users, define time and dates for reports, range of agents, ranking criteria and many more.

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We will set up a demonstration for you in the form you need: cloud trial, on-premise demo or walk through intro course. Contact our team today!

More Features

We are currently developing new features for our cloud service


Allows you to create a process of continuous improvement. Receive improvement propositions exactly when you need them.

Metrics Traction

Begin to collect your metrics in combined system, or import your historical data to compare and track the improvements.

Retain Customers

By improving of quality level, you retain the existing customers and attract new ones.

Transparent Integration

Our solution does not interrupt your existing system. It is not visible to your customers.

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Consult with us

  • 30 days to test all features
  • We help with integration
  • We help to analyze reports
  • We are open to your feedback
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From USD $ 800 month

  • From 20 operators
  • Soft limit of operators - negotiable
  • Pay fixed price with access to all features
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Our Team

We are a team of talanted mathematicians and professional software developers

Alexander Astafiev

Alexander Astafiev

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Ivan Vedenin

Ivan Vedenin

Product Manager
Roman Kopyrkin

Roman Kopyrkin

Software Engineer
Dmitriy Grishanovich

Dmitriy Grishanovich

Valery Astafiev

Valery Astafiev

Natalia Kavaleva

Natalia Kavaleva

Software Engineer
Sergey Snigirev

Sergey Snigirev

Aleksey Harchuk

Aleksey Harchuk



Our Machine Learning technology is used for automatic prediction of Call Center quality metrics.

Chapaeva 3-35/1,
220034 Minsk


+375 29 255 43 06